Associate Professor
Director, Centre for Language and Communication




Ph.D in Communication (English)

MA.Educ in Literature and English

BA.Educ in English and Literature


For the last 15 years, Prof. Wasajja has established himself as a vanguard in teaching English Languages, Education, Media and Communication studies across East Africa.  He has worked in Kampala University and Kampala International University holding several academic and administrative portfolios as Head of Department for Language Department, Director of Distance and In-service Education, Deputy Director of Research and Academic Registrar.  As a Visiting Professor of St. Lawrence University, the East African University, Rwanda and the East African University, Kitengera, Kenya, he has contributed to the development of the Education and Language Curricula in all these East African higher Education Institutions. He is an external examiner to several local and international institutions including; Wits University, University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Pebble Hills University, USA.


General English

English for Specific English

Communication Skills



Translation and Interpretation


Education Foundation

Research Interests

Media Studies


Theology and African Spirituality


Principal and current Publications

  1. Wasajja, E. Anumaka, Repositioning Curriculum For Global Competitive Edge In Sub-Saharan States, 1st International Conference On Curriculum For Sustainable Learning. (2018)
  2. Wasajja, Culture and Journalism: An exploration of the cultural representation in media production. 5th World Journalism Education Congress, Paris, (2019)
  3. Wasajja, A.K. Nsereko, Making University-Industry Partnership Work; Lessons from a Private University and Government Collaboration. East Africa Quality Assurance Network Forum, Kigali, Rwanda (2018)
  4. Wasajja, A.K. Nsereko, Community Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Training: Ensuring Sustainable Community Economic Development in Uganda. 8th International Conference on Management and Research, (2017)
  5. Wasajja, A Dawn to New Reality in Uganda Education: The Transition Experience to Online Education. East Africa Quality Assurance Network Forum, Kigali, Rwanda, (2017)


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