I hold a bachelor Arts degree, majoring in Geography from Makerere University – Uganda. I, also hold a Master of Science Degree in ecotourism from the Global Open University-Nagaland in India, I’m currently pursuing doctoral studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Soon after graduating in 1993 up to 1994, I worked for two years for Uganda Elections Commission as elections supervisor at Sub county level. The key tasks of the elections supervisor were overseeing voters’ registration, voting exercise, votes counting and logistics’ safe custody distribution. During the same period, I taught Geography in secondary school.

From 1995 to 2008, I worked for a World Bank funded program called Rwanda Reintegration program in the following different capacities:

  1. Provincial program officer ( PPO)

The PPO’s duties were but not limited to the following:

  • Overseeing the implementation of the program at provincial and district levels
  • Overseeing program beneficiaries economic and social reintegration at provincial and district level
  • Holding periodic discussions with individual program beneficiary or their associations to identify problems and jointly find solutions to them
  • Undertaking with the collaboration of local administration and provincial authorities regular tours of sectors in order to sensitize communities to facilitate reintegration of program beneficiaries
  • Ensuring technical and financial monitoring of the beneficiaries funded projects
  • Identifying socio-economic opportunities available in the province and liaising with program beneficiaries on their possible exploitation and
  • Performing administrative duties of the office and managing petty cash
  1. Provincial Program Liaison Officer ( PPLO)

The PPO’s duties were but not limited to the following:

  • Supervising and monitoring the work of provincial program officers
  • Providing administrative and technical support to provincial program officers
  • Providing guidelines to provincial program officers on planning and implementation of reintegration activities at grass root levels and
  • Overseeing program implementation at provincial and district levels.

I have been lecturing in different institutions of Higher learning (IHLs) in Rwanda Since 2009. The IHLs in which I have taught are Rwanda Tourism University College (Now UTB), ISAE (now, UR-College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry ISAE), Mt. Kenya University-Rwanda and KCCM (now IPRC-Kitabi). The modules taught at RTUC/UTB are Wildlife conservation and park management, Cross culture management, Tourism policy and planning, Adventure Tourism operations, Transport policy and planning, Sustainable transportation, Business Tourism, Tour guiding techniques and Travel health and safety.  The module taught at Mt. Kenya University is Sustainable Tourism management, at ISAE is Ecotourism and KCCM/ IPRC-Kitabi) is Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality.

I have been publishing research articles in different journals since 2001. The recent (2022) research articles published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism are “The contribution of vacation hotels to Ecotourism development in Rwanda. A case study of Musanze district” and  “The significance of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system to food safety in Hotel des Milles Collines-Kigali-Rwanda.

Still in the academia arena, I have to date supervised more 300 students research projects and as a consultant did curriculum development and validation for different HILs and HEC and set national tourism examinations for senior six students. I addition, I have since 2018 been consulting with  Rwanda Development Board to assess Hotels for star rating and for setting minimum qualification for employees of hospitality and tourism sector.