Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics

Senior Lecturer




Phd Holder in Information Technology Management 

Master’s degree in Advanced Computer system Development 

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science 


Liliane is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic at UTB. Before joining UTB, she was the Dean, School of Computing and Information Technology at University of Kigali, Rwanda.


Software Engineering

Advanced Networking

Database Management Systems

Operating Systems

Research Methodology

Research Interests


Cloud computing


Software engineering


Computer security

Principal and Recent Publications

Umutesi L., Sanja M. M., Katende N. (2020) E-Learning in High Learning Institution: A Utility by Lecturers to Course Design and Delivery of Methodology.  IJISRT, Volume 5 – 2020, Issue 12 – December. Available from: https://ijisrt.com/elearning-in-high-learning-institution-a-utility-by-lecturers-to-course-design-and-delivery-of-methodology

Wilson, M., Liliane, U. and Baptiste, M.J. (2020) The Intelligent Software Systems: The Practical
Implementation of Software Security Vulnerabilities Detection Modeling. Open Access Library Journal, 7: e6831. https://doi.org/10.4236/oalib.1106831

Umutesi L., Ryumugabe M., Musoni W. (2020). Assessment of Information system success by using DELONE and MCLEAN information success model: Users perspective. Case study of Rwanda Energy Group SCADA System. Available from: https://ijisrt.com/assessment-of-information-system-success-by-using-delone-and-mclean-information-success-model-users-perspective-case-study-rwanda-energy-group-scada-system

Ishimwe A. K, Musoni W., Umutesi L. (2020). Cloud Computing on Accessing Security of Medical Information on Mobile Phone. IJISRT, volume 5, issue 9, September 2020. Available from: https://ijisrt.com/cloud-computing-on-accessing-security-of-medical-information-on-mobile-phone 


Umutesi L., Musoni W. (2018). Understanding the notion of Quality in e-learning in higher education. Uok Scientific Journal vol. 2, issue 1. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338555761_Understanding_the_Notion_of_quality_in_E-learning_in_higher_Education