Kalulu Ronald is a first born of the 8 children born to Late Peter Ndigendawa and Nakisige Beatrice in Muguluka Buwenge Sub County in Jinja district Uganda on August 30, 1980. He is pursuing a PhD in tourism and Hospitality management from Lincoln University College Malaysia and will graduate at end of 2022 or beginning of 2023. Kalulu has been recognised among the top 200 scientific researchers in Rwanda in 2022. Kalulu graduated with a master of Tourism and Hospitality management from Makerere University 2015 and has a first-class bachelor’s degree of catering and hotel management of Makerere University. In addition, Kalulu has a diploma of catering and hotel management of Makerere University. By the time of writing this, Kalulu is a Lecturer in the department of Tourism and Hospitality management, University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) Rwanda. He has served the hospitality industry as a Graduate Assistant in department of Leisure and Hospitality management, faculty of Marketing and Hospitality of Makerere University Business School (Mubs), Part-time lecturer department of Tourism and Biodiversity of Makerere University and as Part-time lecturer in the faculty of Business and management of International university of East Africa-Kampala. Kalulu has attended 6 international research conferences and thus published 8 research articles in international journals and has a strong passion and high interest in tourism and hospitality research and education. He is currently authoring a tourism and hospitality book. Formerly, Kalulu was the Mubs Guesthouse manager, and waiter up to 2011 when he joined teaching. He has taught tourism and hospitality studies for more than 5 years and supervised over 50 undergraduate students’ research project. Mr Kalulu is currently married to Namwase Ephrance and they both have a son and 2 beautiful daughters.

Kalulu Ronald can be reached at the following contacts.