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Our Alumni Success Stories

Jean Pierre  MUGWANEZA

Chairperson; Petersbakers.com

Jean Pierre is the owner of one of the most profound and known Bakery in Rwanda. He managed to distinguish himself and created a well known brand in the market by creating unique and creative cake designs, with a distinctive quality of taste.  

Jean Pierre opened his bakery after graduating at UTB in 2008 and later launched a training center in 2019. 

His motivation has always been to challenge himself, creating cake designs that are distinctive and exceptional. Petersbakers produces over 30 000 cakes catering for numerous events from birthdays to corporate events, Baby-shower, Bridal Shower, etc.and different shapes based on the occasion. 

The bakery believes in “Sharing Knowledge”, Thus decided to introduce a 3 months training program for those looking to learn or grow their baking skills to professional level. 

UTB Graduate in Travel and Tourism Management in 2015. Inspired by His love for sports and Tourism backed by his entrepreneurial ability to find business gaps within a market, Jean Mary Opened the first Gold Coat in Rubavu District, Western Province, Rwanda.

What motivated him to open a Gold Club 

Gold has always been my dream sport, actually It was love at first sight. 

I remember going to Nyarutarama golf club to watch at a young age when my friends were busy playing soccer.  When I got home, I always found myself watching golf games instead of movies and cartoons like my pears. 

My journey back to Golf

Working in the hospitality industry in Rubavu district and engaging with customers on a daily basis, It was not far-fetched to realize the shortage of activities within the region despite the willingness of tourists to spend, explore and have fun.

I then decided in 2019 to Open IKAZE MINI GOLF Ltd  as the first ever golf club in the region to void that gap and invite my long-ago love for gold back into my life. 

Kivu Belt Coffee Promotion began during my time at UTB as a hospitality management and food production student. Initially my plan was like that of many students at university to graduate, get a good job in the hospitality industry to gather as much experience and capital as possible then start thinking of opening up my own business. 

Nonetheless, My plan ended up shifting after an inspirational talk by UTB Founder Mrs Zulfat Mukarubega, talking about her business journey. I then realized that it is not about how much capital you have collected but allowing yourself to take a risk and grow. That’s when I decided to open Kivu Belt Coffee Promotion.

The journey was not easy at first, combining school with my new business adventure which all required my undivided attention but I later found my way out and balanced the equation. 

My next step is to expand my business and give as many job opportunities as possible and taking part in the growth of the Hospitality industry in Rwanda 

What is your advice to someone who is struggling to start a business especially during the current times with the Covid-19 pandemic.

My Advice is to; Never give up, Work Hard, Try to do everything possible