UTB offers a wide range of Certificate Programs which include the followings:

  1. Certificate of Food Production

  2. Certificate of Food and Beverage Services

  3. Certificate of Front Office Operations

  4. Certificate of Housekeeping & Laundry Operations

  5. Certificate of Tour Guiding and Administration

  6. Certificate of Tour and Travel Operations

  7. Certificate of Information Technology

  8. Certificate of Airport Ground Operations

  9. Certificate of Airline Cabin Crew

  10. Certificate of IATA/UFTAA

  11. Certificate of Airline Cargo Handling Services

To be admitted to the first year of a Certificate Program, the applicant must comply with REB Admission requirements, and must scored at least 2 principal passes.

Documents required:

  1.  Two passport photos

  2. A notified copy of a previous academic level certificate or equivalent

  3. A copy of ID Card or Passport

  4. A ream of paper & plastic file        

  5. An evidence of registration fees payment


Registration Fee: 52,000RwF


Registration Fee: 37,000RwF